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How-To (Guide): DVD±RW/±R Burning Guide:
Copy a DVD  Burning a DVD with VOB Instant CD/DVD v6
Copy a DVD with just the main movie (without Menu) Burning a DVD with Nero v5.5.6.4
Copy a DVD with main movie and with Menu Burning a DVD with RecordNow Max
Correcting start sector addresses. Burning a DVD with Prassi PrimoDVD v2.0
Remove copyright/warning/etc. -screens from displaying when playing a DVD. Burning with B's Recorder Gold (supplied by SuperKlaus)
Idiots guide to keep the original Menu Burning a DVD with Dvd95Burn (new)  (easiest way of burning a movie DVD)
Removing RCE protection  
Strip Audio/Subpicture streams Burning an Image with RecodNow MAX (supplied by Scuba)
Remuxing a *.m2v file created with ReMPEG2, back Burning an Image with Dvd95Burn (new)
Split a DVD to 2 DVD±R's using IfoEdit 0.89
see also: Illegal Navigation when splitting a DVD to 2 DVD-Rs
changing 2nd Disc to start with movie instead of menu
Create complete new IFO files for a set of VOB files (updated)
Determining which Title containes which VOB files Checklist, when your DVD-R wont play in settopplayer
Joining VOB files (Clips) to one DVD-R (with VobEdit)
Joining double sided DVDs to 1 DVD-R
How-To Rip a DVD correctly:  Transcoding a Movie/Menu:
Rip a DVD using DVD Decrypter Transcoding a DVD using Dvd95Copy  (new)
Rip a DVD using SmartRipper Transcoding using ReMPEG2 v1.5.2
  Transcoding a single Cell using VobEdit
Transcoding a part of a movie using VobEdit
Technical Docs / Instructions  
What files are contained/belong on a DVD
IfoFile-structure Information  
".sup" file format specification created by VobEdit
Programs you might need:  
DVD Decrypter    /    Smartripper
ReMPEG2 (needed to transcode a movie at a lower bitrate)
VobInstant CD+DVD (my favoured burning program)


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