Transcoding a Movie using ReMPEG2

At first you must create a text file, containing the VOB file names, that contain your movie you want to transcode.
Below, you can see an example, of how the file has to look like. Save the file anywhere you like, and give it the extension '.cffl'.
For example, I saved the file to: 'C:\VIDEO_TS\WHAT_WOMEN_WANT\ReMpeg.cffl'.

Now start ReMPEG2 v1.5.2. It will look like this:

Press the 'Open' button, to open your currently created .cffl file.

Now the VOB files will be scanned by ReMPEG2, and a .vinf file will be created.

After the scanning is complete, change to the Options-Page, and set the options like in below picture:

Change back to the 'Main' Page. Now you are ready to transcode the movie, so press 'Encode'.

ReMPEG will ask you for a filename, where the transcoded file should be saved.
So select a folder (with about 3.5GB free Diskspace) and enter any filename you like. I would suggest to name it like the movie name with the extension '.m2v'.

The transcoding process starts now. This will take now a while.

You can change to the 'Main' page to get an overview of how long the transcoding process will take.

As you can see, the transcoding for that movie will take about 11:30 hours to finish.

After the transcoding is finished, you can proceed with remuxing the created .m2v file back into your VOB files, with IfoEdit.


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