Problem: Illegal navigation when splitting DVDs

Just figured out another problem, with the splitting function in IfoEdit. 
The problem apears, if a Title-Set has more then 1 title like Miss Congeniality has: 

VMG Overview: 

Number of Title Play Maps: 5 (VMG_PTT_SRPT) 
Title 1: VTS_1, TTN_1 (Angles: 1) (Chapters: 33) (Start Sector 1071) 
Title 2: VTS_1, TTN_2 (Angles: 1) (Chapters: 1) (Start Sector 1071) 
Title 3: VTS_1, TTN_3 (Angles: 1) (Chapters: 1) (Start Sector 1071) 
Title 4: VTS_2, TTN_1 (Angles: 1) (Chapters: 1) (Start Sector 2866778) 
Title 5: VTS_2, TTN_2 (Angles: 1) (Chapters: 1) (Start Sector 2866778) 

As you can see TitleSet 1 (VTS_01_x.VOB) has 3 titles. (VTS_1 is listed 3 times)
When splitting now the movie to 2 DVD-R's, only 1 disc will contain all titles, the other one might only conain 1 of these 3 titles. 

If you try to play disc2 with IfoEdit's DVD Player, you may get the error: DVD Warning: Illegal navigation command encountered. 
This means, this disc will not play in a settop player aswell.

Currently there's following solution to it: 

If you want the movie to start imidiatly at disc 
insertion, edit the first play pgc in VIDEO_TS.IFO and 
change the jump command there against 'Jump TT', and 
let it jump to title 1 (If title 1 is your main movie). 

If you want to start with the menu first, exchange the 
jump command against (JumpSS VTS), and let it jump to 
title-set 1, title 1, root menu. (If your movie-menu is in titleset 1, title 1) 

To change the command in first play pgc, open 
VIDEO_TS.IFO with IfoEdit, go into the table VMGI_MAT. 
There is the first play pgc. 
Scroll down to the commands, and simply right click 
the mouse over the existing command, and choose change 
command from the context menu.


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