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Announcement: I'm sorry, but I can't longer answer each email about the usage of IfoEdit. At the moment I recieve about hundred mails each day with questions/reports/thanks etc. I still read them all, but if I would answer each one, I'll be writing emails the entire day, instead of further developing IfoEdit. 
So an idea came up to my mind. For those of you who really need personal help with IfoEdit should donate a few bucks, when emailing questions. This way I'll be a bit more motivated to provide you with help on the entire DVD stuff as much as I can. But of course you can donate some bucks even if you don't have questions .

Mar 2016: Amiga Gotek / Cortex Floppy drive emulator SELECTOR.ADF edit for download.  
Jul 2015: Partpoker gambling warning: Partypoker tolerates cheating on their site officially!  
May 2015: Raspberry Project started: Controlling Maerklin Digital without CS2 (English) 
May 2015: Raspberry Project started: Controlling Maerklin Digital without CS2 (German) 
Jan 2015: Partpoker gambling warning: Partypoker tolerates cheating on their site!  
April 2013: Donations again accepted:     You can also donate Bitcoins to this address: 1NwY3bpY2QhgVMbDo5nwhCAsXYe3L1KxCX

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11.28.04 - IfoEdit v0.971 public version released! Containes important bugfix for NTSC authoring.

11.27.04 - Added ".sup" file format specification created by VobEdit to the guides section.

11.27.04  - IfoEdit v0.97 public version released.
11.14.04  - IfoEdit v0.96 beta 5 released.

 - fixed: NTSC authoring problems.
 - added an automatic screen-refresh after editing values.
 - fixed a bug with VTSM_VOBS Video Attributes

 - fixed: The PGC Still Time and PG Playback Mode values have been inverted.
 - removed the messagebox in DVDPlay, that will display the used DirectX filters.
 - added a button in DVDPlay: 'Frame Step'


11.29.02 DVDSplit and DVDBurn development stopped, because functionality moved into DVDXCopy !
I'm sorry, but I had to stop development on DVDSplit, because I moved all functinality into DVDXCopy and will do further development with many new features and enhancments to DVDXCopy.
So I don't have the time to further develop my own products, and it would be mean to take your money though.
Everybody who purchased DVDSplit before will get a special deal for DVDXCopy though!
11.04.02 Beta/Prerelease area opened (For registered members only)
09.24.02 A big THANK YOU, to everyone who did a donation. I'm realy exited about the response to my hard work, and I just can say, that I will continue developing my tools. As a special service, all donators will recieve the beta versions of my tools aswell for testing, and their suggestions will be put on the top of the ToDo-list, (so far it is possible). Thanx to everyone who donates/donated a few bucks.

11.06.02 - IfoEdit v0.95 released.
              Doom9 has written an excellent guide about the Authoring feature! Big thanx to Doom9 for that!

11.06.02 - VobEdit v0.6 released.
                - added: demuxing of Subpicture streams added.
                - added: new Menu-Item: 'Get Video/Audio delay'. This will display you the delay of Video&audio inside an existing VOB file.
                - added: new demux option: 'Demux streams at once', so you don't need to demux each stream seperatly.

11.04.02 - We've got a major problem with server overloads and crashes. Sombody's also attacking our servers permanently, though we're ending up with a lot of server-down times. To stop that, we're reconstructing our host and our pages to avoid that problems in future.
For that reason, the page access here is currently limited to loyal members only. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

10.14.02 - IfoEdit v0.94 finaly released.

10.06.02 - VobEdit v0.52 released.
                - bufix: two values heven't been editable in the button-edit-dialogbox.
                - added: demuxing of LPCM/MPA/DTS audio streams added.
                - added: some nice icons to identify streams more easily. 

10.04.02 -I have installed now WinXP too, and I'm testing how my tools are working with this OS. So soon you can expect to get a XP certified version aswell

09.03.02 - VobEdit v0.51 bugfix release.
                  - the dialog for editing 'Menu-Buttons', didn't save the changes to the VOB file. (BIG SORRY for that). fixed now.

08.27.02 - IfoEdit guides are available again, for offline reading.Download here. This time they're on a different server. Thanx goes to Sven.

08.03.02 - VobEdit v0.5 released.
                 - editing of values is now implemented.
                 - added a dialog for editing 'Menu-Buttons'

03.22.02 - VobEdit 0.4 released. It can handle now VOB files bigger 2GB, and it can join double sided DVDs to one DVD-R.
03.07.02 - New: IfoEdit 0.89 and VobEdit 0.3 are now accepting a filename as parameter. So you can assocate the filetypes .ifo and .vob in Windows-Explorer with IfoEdit and VobEdit.
This way you can open an ifo file with IfoEdit by double-clicking on an ifo file in windows explorer, and vob files with VobEdit.
01.12.02 - New: VobEdit v0.2 is now available for DL.
               - added: It's resizable too.
               - fixed: HexEdit module bug.
First of all I want say a big thanx to MpuCoder, for offering his great Site, and for helping me on some details with VOB/IFO files. Without his site, I wouldn't be able to create this great tool. 
So if you need some more detail answer's, about some values contained within an IFO file, you will find the answer on his site:

For suggestions or comments send an email to Derrow@yahoo.com

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