Hack Poker Sites like Partypoker and Pokerstars

Here I will explain how cheating is done on any online poker site, and how you get betrayed if you try to play real poker:

Poker sites like Partypoker and Pokerstars keep tolerating users cheating on their sites, because they are only interested in making money. If they catch you cheating, they will close your accounts, confiscate your money, but allow you to open new accounts, and continue cheating until you get caught again.

Knowing this, makes it easy to earn and make money on PartyPoker and PokerStars.

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Cheating on Partypoker:

There are several ways to betray on Partypoker to get ahold of your real money! Hacking Partypoker is quite easy.

It is possible to sit multiple accounts onto a table using "Virtual Machines". This way someone is able to sit for example about 8 accounts onto a 10 seater table, and see all hole cards of 8 accounts, and will always have an advantage over those 2 real players on a poker table. By applying a little hack to Partypoker program, you can use the same IP address and don't need further software like Hotspot Shield.

Another way is hacking, cracking and patching the client software Partygaming.exe. It is not really secured against hacking attacks. It just uses some disassembling protections, which can easily be disabled, which made it even easy for me to create some patches to get advantege over other users. A tutorial of howto remove the disassembling protection is placed here.

Once the disassembling protection is removed, you can start debugging the client software, and you will soon figure out, it is possible to patch many things like seeing the cards of all players on a table like in below picture, opening unlimited poker tables instead of only 18, sitting multiple accounts onto the same table using the same IP address, sitting onto a table using a higher chipstack then table maximum, etc.

Using this tool, it is pretty easy to use all cheats: (download here (Sorry Partypoker payed  to remove the download link!))

Example seeing all cards after applying patch:


Example opening 43 tables using a playmoney account (Window nr 44 is the Lobby): 

Example sitting 10 players onto the same table using same IP address:

I have been trying to tell Partypoker about these circumstances, and all they did was closing my account for violating their Terms and Conditions, but for some strange reason keep other players cheating, which have been reported to Partypoker. Further more they doesn't care about my reported hacking methods of their Pokersoftware at all. All you get is a standard reply that cheating and usage of third party software is not tolerated, and imediate actions will be taken, but the truth is, no actions are going to be taken at all.

Another legal way to cheat is creating an account on one or all of partypokers premises for online poker:


This way you can sit with up to 4 accounts onto the same poker table legally, because you are not violating the Terms and conditions of Partypoker.

Here is a guide how to:

Create an account on Empirepoker.com:

Create the same account on Partypoker.com:

Create the same account on wptpoker.com:

Create the same account on zyngapluspoker.co.uk:

Now choose a table on Partypoker, and take a seat:

Find the same table on Empirepoker, and take a seat at the same table, but you need a different IP address.

Same at wptpoker:

And same at zyngapoker.uk:

Now you can legally play poker with 4 accounts on the same table with the advantage of having 4 hole cards.

Partypoker itself is denying that above is possible. Here is the standard answer you will receive if you ask them:

Thank you for contacting Customer Service.

I'd like to inform you that it is not possible for a player to sit on Party Poker table and Empire Poker table at the same time even if the email address is not the same but both accounts belong to the same person. This is because we have a shared player pool with Empire Poker and the system will not allow this. If you have proof that this is possible please provide us with the screen names and a screen shot of those players sitting on the same table so that we can investigate this.

In case you have further questions, we will be more than happy to assist you. We are available 24/7.

Thank you for choosing us as your online gaming site.

The reason for their answer is clear, because above behavior is a violation against the Gambling Commission - Statement of principles for licensing and regulation March 2015 point 4.2 in where Operating licence holders are comitted to conduct their premises with integrity, and to take care to adequate systems and controls to minimize the risks to the licensing objectives,
and a further violation against the Gambling Act 2005 Part 42 in where the Operating licence holder is enabling another person to cheat at gambling.

In case you should have lost real money on any of those 4 gambling sites, due to Partypoker tolerating such cheating behaviors, you might want to file a complain at the Gamblin Comssion here: https://www.gibraltar.gov.gi/new/gambling-commissioners-advice-complainants#ancla4