Hack and make money on Pokerstars

Here I will explain how cheating is done on any online poker site, and how you get betrayed if you try to play real poker:

Poker sites like Partypoker and Pokerstars keep tolerating users cheating on their sites, because they are only interested in making money. If they catch you cheating, they will close your accounts, confiscate your money, but allow you to open new accounts, and continue cheating until you get caught again.

Knowing this, makes it easy to earn and make money on PartyPoker and PokerStars.

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Oracle Virtual Box

Cheating on PokerStars:

Cheating on PokerStars is easy and straightforward.

At first you will need Oracle Virtual Box, which can be downloaded for free.
Using Virtual Box, you can create as many virtual machines as you like. For cheating on Pokerstars, up to 10 virtual machines will be fine.
Install any Windows version you have on each of these virtual machines.

Now download and install a VPN Service like Hotspot Shield on every virtual machine. Using a VPN Service like Hotspot Shield will give each virtual machine a different IP address, which is the main key to sit multiple accounts onto the same poker table.

Now download and install PokerStars, and create a new PokerStars-Account on each virtual machine, and deposit some money on each account using bought coupons.

Now you are all set, and can sit all accounts on the same table, and wait for victims to join the table.