Amiga Gotek SELECTOR.ADF Edit (Editor for Cortex HxC Gotek Floppy drive Emulators)

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 Here I am presenting my newest tool to edit the contents of a Gotek / Cortex floppy emulator drive for Amiga computers, with a PC.


Usage instruction:

Insert a flash drive / USB Stick into your PC, containing the SELECTOR.ADF file in its root directoy. Then first copy all of your desired ADF files onto this stick, and after the copy has finished, start my tool HxCEdit.exe.

On startup this tool will automatically scan the system for flash drives, and if one is found with a 'SELECTOR.ADF' in its root directory, it will load the already configured ADF files into the left listview, and all available ADF files on this stick into the right listview.

Now simply select all wanted ADF files in the right listview, and drag and drop them into the left listview.

Now click the 'Save'-Button, and before you remove your USB Stick, either safly remove it using Windows methods, or click the Button in my tool: 'Save Remove'.

That's it.

Remove the stick. Place it in your Gotek drive, and enjoy the floppy emulator for Amiga.

Download HxCEdit here

Please note, some people reported problems getting files in the right listview. Problem was a virus scanner which locked the USB Stick exclusivly. If you face similiar trouble, try playing around with your virus scanner options, or deactivate it temporarily.


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