Idiots guide to keeping original Menu in DVD backup

Many of you have trouble keeping the original menu, when copiing a DVD.
Mostly the problem is, that you forget to copy a title-set, that is needed to start the DVD/Movie.
Before a DVD player starts playing the movie, most times it first display's a copyright/warning message, that is located in a different title set. If you don't keep that title set on your DVD-R, then it won't be playable by a settop player.

Idiots guide of how to determine, what title sets must be kept:

This is an step by step guide, how to determine the titles needed to copy the movie 'Final Fantasy disc1'.

Rip the comlete DVD using my ripping guide to your HD into a folder named 'VIDEO_TS'.
My folder looks now like this:

Open any Ifo-file of that rip with IfoEdit. I prefer to open 'VIDEO_TS.IFO':

Press the new Button: .

Let it play until the main menu apears. Press 'Play Movie' in the main menu of the DVD.
Now the Dolby Digital Logo ist presented, and after that the movie starts.
Now when the movie has played a few seconds, you can hit .

You will get now following message-box:

Now we know, Title 1 and 8 have been played. If you didn't open VIDEO_TS.IFO before, then open it now, cause we need to lookup which title belongs to which title-set.

As you can see, title 1 is title set Nr. 2 (
and title 8 is title set Nr. 8 (

Here's now one another point. The DVD specification sais, a DVD must have a title set 1. So we will need to copy too, even if it wasn't played, or it won't be playable in a standalone player. But it is enough to keep VTS_01_0.IFO/BUP/VOB. You don't need the large *_1.VOB files.

That's it. To have a working copy of the DVD, you simply need to copy these highlighted files:

You can check it out imidiatly. Copy or move the highlighted files to a different directory, restart IfoEdit and open one IFO file, and hit 'DVD Play' again.
The movie/DVD will be played perfectly.

That's the way how to keep the original Menu.



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