Stripping Audio & Subpicture streams

This is short guide for stripping audio/subpicture streams out of a movie using IfoEdit.

Start IfoEdit, and open the IFO file of your main movie VOBs. In this case it's 'VTS_06_0.IFO' of the movie 'The 6th Day':

Below you have an overview, what audio/subpicture streams are contained within the movie.

We want to strip Audio-Nr. 3 and Subpicture Nr. 3 and 4. So press the button:

Uncheck the first option, cause we don't have a .m2v file to re-mux:

Now select a destination directory in the same dialog, and don't change the filename:

We are ready now to proceed to the strip-stream options. Press 'OK':

We want to keep Audio stream 1 and 2, and subpicture stream 1 and 2, so select the second streams:

Now press 'Strip it':

The progress-dialog show's you the current status, which source file it is reading, and to which destination file it is writing.

When the stripping process has finished, then the VOB-Unit navigation pointers will be corrected in the destination files:

After this is finished, you've got your stripped movie nearly ready for burn to DVD-RW.

Since the IfoEdit version 0.75, the corrected/changed IFO-files will be saved automatically to your selected destination folder.

So your new destination directory looks now like this:

 As you can see, the Menu-VOB's are missing! So copy them to your destination directory:

Now you have to check out, if you will need some of the other files.
You can do this checking by using WinDVD, or better Matrox-DVDPlayer.
If they play your movie, then start IfoEdit again, load every IFO file, and hit the button 'Get VTS Sectors'.
Save your IFO files, and now you can burn your DVD-RW.


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