Keeping original Menu in DVD backup

Many of you have trouble keeping the original menu, when copiing a DVD.
Mostly the problem is, that you forget to copy a title-set, that is needed to start the DVD/Movie.
Before a DVD player starts playing the movie, most times it first display's a copyright/warning message, that is located in a different title set. If you don't keep that title set on your DVD-R, then it won't be playable by a settop player.

How to determine, what title sets must be kept:

Rip the comlete DVD using my ripping guide to your HD into a folder named 'VIDEO_TS'.
Open any Ifo-file of that rip with IfoEdit.

Press the new Button: in IfoEdit to preview the movie, and to get the information, what title-set's have been played.
Please also refer to the DVD Player guide
When you exit the Player, a messagebox will show you which Titles have been played:

These played titles are a 'MUST', so they must exist on your DVD-R too, to keep your DVD-R playable in a standalone player too.
All you have to do now, is to lookup in VIDEO_TS.IFO which title refers to which IFO/VOB files.

That's it. Now you know which files must be copied later, after stripping/remuxing/etc., to keep the original Menu.

If you still don't get along with it, then please try the: Idiots guide of how to determine, what title sets must be kept.


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