Remuxing a m2v file

This is short guide howto remux a m2v file back into the vob files using IfoEdit.

Start IfoEdit, and open the IFO file of your main movie VOBs. In this case it's 'VTS_01_0.IFO' of the movie 'Shrek':

Below you have an overview, what audio/subpicture streams are contained within the movie.
As you can see, the movie also containes Angles! So you will later have to take care of this!

Press the button: ,
or chooes the menu-item 'VOB-Extras -> Remux .m2v', to get the following Dialog:

We'd like to strip audio-streams aswell, so we select the second option too.
I also already specified the destination directory, and the location of the *.m2v file we'd like to remux.

Thats's it. Leave all the other options like they are, if you want to keep it playable in a settop player.
If you don't need the Menu, and want to have a Movie-Only DVD, then you might want to check the option 'Create new VIDEO_TS.IFO & VTS_01_0.IFO'.

Press 'OK':

We want to keep Audio stream 1 and 2, and subpicture stream 1 and 2, so select the second streams:

A progress-dialog show's you the current state, which source file it is reading, and to which destination file it is writing.  

When the remux process has finished, then the VOB-Unit navigation pointers will be corrected in the destination files:

After this is finished, you've got your stripped movie with exchanged videostream almost ready for burn to DVD-RW.

Since the IfoEdit version 0.75, the corrected/changed IFO-files will be saved automatically to your selected destination folder.

So your new destination directory looks now like this:

 As you can see, the Menu-VOB's are missing! So copy them manualy to your destination directory:

Now you have to check out, if you will need some of the other files, especially if you want to keep the original Menu.
To check out which additional files you will need, to keep your DVD-RW playable, please refer to this guide.


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