Motorbike Gadget to open garage door

(last updated: Aug 27, 2022)

Here is a solution to open your garage door using the flash light knob on your motorcycle.

Currently only working for standard Keeloq Remotes!
(If you are able to program PIC microchips and want to help enhance this for other systems, please get in contact.)

A friend has created a little module with a Keeloq chip on it, which can be programmed to any device key of choice, and also using a Seed-Code like for BFT / Erreka.



By using SMD components, the final board is very small and can be integrated almost anywhere.
The green wire acts as the Antenna, the black wire connects to ground, and the red wire has to be connected to the flash light knob.

The button on the board is used to transmit the Seed-Code to the receiver, so you can learn this new remote into your receiver.
(This button is only needed for BFT and Erreka! Other Keeloq systems won't require this button!)
Using an exact copy of your original remote is not recommended, due to the facts described here:  How Rolling Code Remotes are working
So you will get a board with new serial and Seed-Code, which you have to learn into your receiver, before it can be used to open your garage.
Of course you can choose your own seed and serial like: 0xCAFECAFE if you like Coffee for example :-)

A ready to use board can be purchased for 95.-
Please send an email if you are interested in such a module.