VOB Extras options

Use this option if you want to exchange the video stream in VOB files, with a transcoded .m2v video file.
Use this option if you want to strip audio or subpicture streams out of a title set.
This option is for stripping a VOB out of VOB files. This is usefull to remove copyright screens, or any other presentation logos/movies. Use 'VobRator' to identify which VOB-ID contains which movie.
This option is only available in 'Menu Extras'. It will strip selected Language-Units out of the Menu-VOB file, which can save many space for your DVD-RW.
This option will be needed, if you want to burn a DVD-RW and play it in your settop player. It will correct the 'navigation pack' pointers in the VOB files. This will always be needed if you changed something on the VOB files structure, like stripping streams, or remuxing a video stream.
This will remove the 'Prohibited User-operations' within the 'navigation packs' in the VOB files. Some DVD's have prohibited some options like audio/subpicture stream change during playback. But this option will fix that problem.
This will correct some tables in the current loaded IFO file, if you performe some of the above actions. It is needed for example to correct chapter pointers, after you stripped an audio stream.
This is usefull for DVD's with huge Menu-VOB's, they won't fit on DVD-RW.
It creates new VIDEO_TS.IFO & VTS_01_0.IFO, based on the loaded IFO file, except, that there will be no Menu available.
So if you insert your DVD-R, it will direct play the Movie.